Research in our laboratory starts at the level of molecular biology and cell signaling that is integrated into physiology at the organ and systems level. We do this by focusing on heart diseases like heart failure that have poor prognosis and is the number one cause for death even in the midst of Covid-19 pandemic.


Combining clinically relevant animal models with sophisticated imaging and -omics techniques, our mission is to answer basic science questions that will catalyze the amelioration of human heart diseases.


We are passionate about making exciting new discoveries but also tending to the career development and growth of each member of the lab. We value creative and collaborative efforts, integrity, and inclusiveness. We have a Lab Handbook that we share with everyone who joins to envelope them in the ethos of the lab. The lab is open to recruiting new members who would be a good fit. Please inquire directly with Dr. Muller.

What is the Muller Lab
really like?