• We’ve a STAR student!
    Congratulations to Michael Fitch for being selected as a STAR awardee to support his work in the Muller Lab this summer! Michael is an MD student at the Stritch School of Medicine with great research experience in cardiovascular health, and plans to spend this summer diving into cell signaling in myocytes working on a clinically-relevantContinue reading “We’ve a STAR student!”
  • Abby joins the lab!
    We are thrilled to have Abby join the lab as our first PhD candidate student. Cheers to growing lab, new beginnings and exciting scientific findings to come from Abby’s era!
  • Abby begins her rotation!
    With the start of the new year, we welcomed Abby for a rotation in the lab. We are excited to have her for the next six weeks!
  • We’re hiring a Research Assistant!
    Requirements: BS/BA in science Preferred: research experience in a lab with basic biology science theme The newest group in Loyola University Chicago’s Cellular and Molecular Physiology (CaMP) is looking to bring on a Research Assistant. The start date will be January/February 2023. The Muller Lab exists to deepen our understanding of cardiac cell signaling andContinue reading “We’re hiring a Research Assistant!”
  • FRET a la #MullerLab
    We had an exciting few weeks demoing a Nikon Ti2E microscope. The level of cAMP is increasing in these c2c12 cells with pharmacologic modulators of cAMP production/hydrolysis. Here, we are using a cytosolic FRET sensor that will lose the CFP-to-YFP FRET with increasing cAMP level, but the ratio view is pseudo-coloring a view of CFP/YFPContinue reading “FRET a la #MullerLab”