We’re hiring a Research Assistant!

Requirements: BS/BA in science

Preferred: research experience in a lab with basic biology science theme

The newest group in Loyola University Chicago’s Cellular and Molecular Physiology (CaMP) is looking to bring on a Research Assistant. The start date will be January/February 2023. The Muller Lab exists to deepen our understanding of cardiac cell signaling and physiology, and to expose molecular mechanisms of human disease that can be applied clinically. Our lab will be a space where exciting discoveries are made, while supporting the individual and scientific growth of every member. We value integrity, pursuit of the truth, camaraderie, and creativity. Please check out the lab website (mullerheartlab.org) for more information.

For the Level I RA position, we are specifically looking for an individual with:

A BA/BS in science with grit, creativity, honesty, and motivation with minimum one-year commitment

Skills the individual will develop in the lab include:

1) logical and reasoning skills

2) effective communication

3) critical evaluation of data and research articles, and

4) basic-to-advanced skills encompassing cell to animal physiology (cell isolation and culture, FRET and calcium/sarcomere imaging techniques, protein and DNA assays, open-heart surgery in preclinical models, rodent husbandry including mouse and guinea pig)

In addition, the individual will receive customized mentoring to consider and accomplish their professional goals using various strategies:

1) Individual Development Plan using SMART goals

2) One-on-one meetings with PI

3) Formal discussions with the lab

Please submit your cover letter and CV to Dr. Muller

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